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Qatar Ambassador: Saudi demands of cutting defense ties with Turkey is a clear violation of International laws

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have cut political and economic ties with Qatar on 5thJune 2017, and forced a land and sea barricade while blaming Qatar for supporting funding of terrorism.

Later on, when asked by the International powers to lift the blockade the four states displayed a list of demands to Qatar, including the terminations of the Al Jazeera television broadcasting company and their Turkish base in Doha. These four states debilitated extra sanctions if the demands in the list were not fulfilled. 


On Saturday Qatar's Ambassador to Ankara Salem bin Mubarak Al-Shafisaid that call to cut defense ties with Turkey is a clear interference in internal affairs. He added in a written statement about Turkish base closure demand that this is against all international laws and standards. 

Earlier Doha rejected all the allegation of terrorism funding and resists the blockade saying it is a violation of International laws. Most of the International groups and nations, including the significant nations (USA, Germany, France, England, Russia and so on.), have rejected the unlawful blockade against Qatari state.

Al-Shafi said that the termination of this base and demand that our defense relations with Turkey be hindered would be an undeniable intervention of internal affairs, encroachment of our sovereignty rights, and the supposition of tutelage over us.

Al Shafi added that the State of Qatar is a dynamic part in all stages for fighting against terrorism politically, monetarily, and in military. The same goes for the Internationalalliance driven by the US in the battle against Daesh. 

Talking about the ongoing economic blockade he stated, "We cannot go into discourse on our sovereignty, our autonomy, and anything that touches our choice of liberty. 

Source: qatarday

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