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Qatar baggage restrictions explained and how to maximise your hand luggage allowance

How many cabin bags can you take on board a Qatar Airways flight? How much checked luggage can you fly with? Avoid excess baggage charges with this handy table of luggage weights, sizes and fees, plus tips on making the most of your checked and hand luggage allowance.

What about the laptop ban?

Qatar Airways say that laptops and laptop bags are considered part of the hand luggage allowance and are not personal items. Their hand luggage policy has changed recently as a result of the UK’s ban on laptops and tablets in cabins. This electronics ban affects direct flights to the UK from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Want to compare Qatar Airways luggage restrictions with other popular airlines?

Take a look at our table of major European airlines’ baggage allowances.


How to beat the Qatar Airways baggage fees

Follow these tips to ensure you and your bags make it on board Qatar Airways flights without a hitch..


1. Invest in smart packing accessories

Always the last one to finish your packing? There are tons of luggage accessories on hand to improve your efficiency these days, so make use of them. It’s not just about rolling your clothes anymore, there are nifty little compartments called packing cubes that could literally shave minutes off your holiday prep, and leave you with more time to celebrate with a cheeky glass of wine at the airport. And who can argue with that? Check out more handy travel accessories, from passport wallets to tangle-free jewellery cases, in our guide.

2. Pack your laptop

Unlike airlines like Flybe and Aer Lingus, laptops and laptop bags are not counted as a ‘personal item’ on Qatar Airways flights, so you might get threatened with an excess baggage fee if you bring them on separately. Pack your computer or tablet inside your cabin bag, within the correct dimensions, even if you want to crack out Minecraft as soon as you’re in your seat.

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