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THIS Is What Happens If YOU Caught DRUNK DRIVING in Qatar

The harshest punishment is the first one to be applied when there are several options available. One of the general principles of implementing criminal law is that, generally the toughest punisshment is the first one to be applied. An example of criminal offence is drunkenness.

If the judge finds that there are two sentences for one crime, he will serve the harshest one. It is needless to say that drinking numbs the mental faculties and affects decision making. It leads to faulty decision making because the decision taken in an inebriated state is affected by illusion and misconception of reality. So due to gravity of drunkenness on society and bad damages caused by committing this crime, the punishment of that crime was toughened under the Qatari Penal Code No. 11/2004

Where the penal code stipulates that he shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, and a fine of not more than three thousand Riyals, or one of them, every one who abuses alcohol or intoxicating drink in a public place or creates or prepares any place or house for alcohol shall be given the same sentence.

Any one found in the situation of drunkenness on common road or any one who caused problems by his drinking, as the Article 271 of the same law refers that he shall be punished by imprisonment not exceeding three years and a fine of not more than ten thousand Riyals, or one of them. Any one who presented wine or intoxicating drink to a person less than sixteen years of age, or incited him to drink shall be punished by imprisonment of a period not more than three years and a fine not exceeding ten thousand Riyals. Any one who imported or exported or made or extracted or attended a wine or intoxicating drink shall be punished by imprisonment for a period not more than three years and a fine of not more than ten thousand Riyals, or one of them, as any one who sold or purchased or delivered or received or transferred or acquired or made wine or intoxicating drink or treated or worked as a broker in them in any way for trade or promotion.


If this is the rule of law against alcohol abusers, then there is no doubt that the danger is more severe if the person drives his car under the influence of alcohol, it is witnessed in bad results and painful incidents and cases the courts are filled with them, the accidents and injuries caused by the driving under the influence of intoxicants come on the top of claims and, claimers come with the results of medical reports to present for applying for financial compensation.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a major violation in the record of the drivers, road accidents come on top of cases filed by victims of serious injuries and run over in the accidents that left a partial or full disability, or compensation claims, from the families of those who have lost their lives under the tires of crazyspeed, the affected people believe that the incidents of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without a driver’s the license and not following the instructions of traffic and wrong overtaking and driving opposite side of traffic is a major violation committed by drivers. One of the most legal articles which contains in the decisions to refer accused and states that committing of any one of the following acts is considered against the law”

Is driving vehicles on the road recklessly putting the lives and the money of the public on danger ro driving a vehicle without a driver’s license and driving motor vehicles under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Statistical analysis of the Ministry of Internal Affairs published in magazine “Traffic” No. “42” shows that the run over accidents have the largest number in the total of accidents due to several factors,most notably is the lack of commitment to tie the seat belt that causes for deadly accidents.

It points out that the worst region in this regards are industrial areas, and this is due to several reasons, including poor street lighting and worsening situation of roads and the lack of places for pedestrian crossing and wrong overtaking.

Therefore we remind the reader that wisdom which says “you are free in what does not harm, but the limits of your freedom must stop at the limits o other’s rights” And every person should know the serious consequences that can result from his actions so that he shall take care and not neglect.

Let it be known to all that the law is the social rules placed to control the behavior of individuals in the community to maintain the survival of the community and to protect it’s values and achievements, and the law was not enacted to harm the people or to prevent their freedoms or to stand in the way of their dreams.

Therefore, knowing the rules of law and it’s texts is necessary, and all are supposed to follow it and its terms, and these rules vary from place to place depending on the community.

Therefore it is said about the law that it is a mirror of society that represents a general framework of the behaviour of individuals who live and reside at a particular place, anyone who enters this place will be subject to the provisions of the law applicable in this law, but one who was excluded by the special terms, and it is very limited.

Therefore, we conclude our article today calling upon all foreigners to learn more and more about the national law to create a legal culture of the society, he works and lives in. So that he can identify the behaviour that is within the framework of legality and follow it, and keep himself at distance from the behavior that comes out of this framework, so that he will not come under the thick stick of law in observed punishment for those who deviate from legality.

Source: qatarday

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