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How to get Dubai residency visa for your family

While many overseas Filipino workers go to the UAE to seek greener pastures for their families, nothing beats the feeling of sharing one roof with loved ones.


That is why many OFWs invite their families to live with them in the UAE as they work on their own career.

If you are planning on getting Dubai residency visas for your family, here’s how.

According to, a Dubai-based resident must first apply for an entry residence visa. After they arrive, they have up to 30 days to apply for the residence stamp.

However, not everyone is granted the said visa. For you to apply, your minimum salary must be Dh10,000.

You must also prepare the following documents in applying for residency visas for your family:

– Typed Application form
– Salary certificate (for government employee) or attested work contract (other employees)
– 3 months bank statement for long-time residents. New residents can submit 1 month bank statement or bank letter confirming salary transfer.
– Attested tenancy contract, Emirates ID card and labour card
– Marriage certificate that has been attested by UAE authorities (for UAE marriages) or in your home country for spouse sponsorship
– Passports (original) and copies of both sponsor and family member/s
– Medical check-up report of spouse or children over 15 years of age from authorized hospital/clinic
– 3 passport photos of family member

You also need to pay according to the following fees:

– Dh310 Application fee + typing fees per family member
– Dh15 Empost label (Optional)

If you have all the documents needed, here’s how to apply:

1- Ensure that you take your spouse/child over 15 for a health check-up and obtain a Medical Certificate.
2- Go to any authorized typing office & get application form typed and pay the fees.
3- Go to GDFRA and submit application form, along with supporting documents to receive the residence visa stamp on your family member’s passport.

For your family member’s residence visa to remain valid, he/she must not be out of the UAE for more than 6 months. In case a Muslim expatriate has married more than one wife, he can only obtain one residency visa.

For more information, visit GDRFA or call their friendly Amer Toll free service on 800-5111

Source: filipinotimes

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