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England's 10 Worst Towns To Live In 2017 Revealed

Ever been to a crap town? And I'm not talking about that time you went to London and couldn't find a pint for less than seven quid, but only 'cos you'd wandered into the first craft beer bar you could find in Shoreditch. A nowhere-to-go, nothing-to-do town. A really crap town.

Well, it seems plenty of people have, and their experiences have now been collected in a pretty damning top (or should that be bottom?) 10 worst towns in England. I'm sure people who call any of those places home will have something to say about it.

The folks at iLiveHere have spent the last decade compiling annual polls, conducted among thousands of readers who either visited the towns or already live there. So maybe there's some regional bias at play here - who's to say? Be warned either way: no punches are pulled.

Here's the top ten, with some highlights from the voters' comments - you can read the whole thing over at iLiveHere.



Where? Lancashire, Northwest.

What they say: "You may think it's a jolly seaside resort with candy floss and donkeys, it's a scumbucket for the transients who come here to draw benefits in a holiday resort, instead of an inner city."

The lights are nice though, eh?



Where? Greater Manchester, Northwest.

What they say: "I think Oldham was best summed up by a friend of mine who upon a visit to this fair town one day remarked that the people of Oldham look as though the government has been performing nuclear testing in the area."

Oof. Not sure what more can be said about that.

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Source: ladbible

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