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LDR Couple Always Meets at Tourist Destinations around the World to Take the Same Photo

Everyone knows it is really difficult to maintain a long distance relationship because the long miles and the time difference often brings lots of challenges for them, leading to one or both eventually breaking it off to find someone else nearby.


But many long distance relationship (LDR) couples would tell you that the trick there is for you both to really try to make the relationship work. Of course, that often means working twice or thrice as hard as couples who live nearby but if you really want it to work, then you really have to try.

Rob and Joli Switzer are among the LDR couples who found a way to keep the flame going, despite being literally oceans apart.

Joli lives in the Philippines where the two met in 2010. At the time, they were with a traveling party and became good friends. They kept in touch and eventually became a couple in 2013.

There remained this challenge, though, of keeping their love alive considering that Joli is in the Philippines while Rob is in the US. They soon found a way to challenge themselves by meeting some place around the world, where they would take their signature pose: the dip kiss.

So, aside from traveling to the Philippines and the US, the two would soon begin posting photos of their trips to various tourist spots across the globe. They do have a lot of dip kiss photos in destinations in the US and the Philippines but they also have lots taken in places like Rome, Spain, Portugal, and Russia.

Many likened them to the ‘travel me to’ couple who always take the same pose as they traveled around the world. Isn’t this sweet?

The two have since gotten married last June in the Philippines. And guess what? They posed for their signature dip kiss pose, too!


Source: buzzflare

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