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ATTENTION Expats! HERE Are The List Of Government JOBS You Can Apply In QATAR!

Qatar welcomes Expatriate from all over the globe who are searching for jobs. Qatar prefers the local population for public sector jobs but also gives opportunity to expats to focus on not only the private sector jobs but also they can apply for a variety of Government openings. Qatar, the world’s richest nation, is a popular destination for expatriate job seekers where their qualifications and academic skills get them a lucrative job.

A number of expatriates work in the private segment, however every other expatriate dream of a government job. There are a number of Government openings where expats can work. Top 10 available Government opportunities for expats in Qatar are below

1.Energy Sector: Public sector companies like Qatar Gas invites applications from expatriates for the exciting opportunities with very competitive remunerations and benefits for different departments like Engineering, Finance, and Information technology.

2.Aviation Industry: Public Sector aviation companies are open for expats to apply in different departments providing best of the class facilities to the employees. The aviation sector obviously benefits from cheaper fuel prices. Qatar Airways continues to take global market share by introducing new flight destinations across the world, and in turn hiring staff locally and internationally.

3.HealthCare: Healthcare is another sector that has received significant investment from the government, with 7 new hospitals to be opened by the end of 2017 and three new facilities opening sooner at Hamad Bin Khalifa Medical City, a QR2.4 billion medical complex, it again opens application for best Doctors and nurses globally.

4.Infrastructure: CCTV and many other physical surveillance equipment, running into multi-million dollar projects with years to run, is being implemented across new malls and other new age buildings initially designed and started in the '$120-a-barrel days'. Similar projects are underway with the new network of tunnels & railways, and of course not to forget the 8 stadia aiming to be completed by 2020 opens its door to expats looking for opportunities in this sector.

5.Hospitality: After the openings of 'Mall of Qatar' along with yet to open another half dozen or so smaller and bigger malls across the nation, will mean a significant amount of hiring across the retail, entertainment, hospitality and food & beverage industries. This recruitment push will attract professionals from major retail centres in the region, such as Dubai Mall or The Avenues in Kuwait, as well as the European retail centres like London and Paris.

6.Information technology: Security, both of an IT and Physical nature continues to create jobs for locals and expats in Qatar. Recent hacking scares have caused banks to look at their IT set up and tighten virtual security, creating a pressing need for technology professionals with a background in IT security. 

7.Education Industry: Teaching in Qatar permits teachers the chance to work within top private and public  schools, earning a competitive salary and experiencing all that life in Qatar has to offer. With ancient relics and sights from the Ottoman period, the beautiful and picturesque Corniche, modern entertainment and shopping options, and the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine, Qatar has it all.

8.Tourism: The country is estimated to create ample jobs as it prepares for hosting the World Cup 2022. Experts say that the mega event that includes the construction of sports stadiums alone will create over 1 million job openings, thus adding to the employment options in other sectors too. 

9.Finance: As the regional businesses are slowly getting aware of the need for the corporate governance, as the rest of the world watches Qatar ever more closely and its international brand presence continues to rise. many firms recruit globally to build up and strengthen the quality of their internal audit departments.

10.Chemicals: The company’s competitive advantage includes integrated and highly efficient operations, strategic location, low energy cost, reliable feedstock supply, and a diverse and global customer base.Chemical sector is one of the most attractive industries in the world. Its robust growth and dividend profile creates an excellent platform that has high caliber to take up various large petrochemical development projects in the future.

Qatar has a plan, a journey and a vision, with 2022 nearing closer and increasing pressure on decision makers. Qatar is investing in its future growth by spending hugely on young Qataris, sending them abroad for education and setting them up with careers from a young age. However Qatar still needs expat expertise to guide young Qataris; with the right attitude Expats can help with this investment and build Qatar's future. This should be huge cause for optimism and a very good reason for living in what is a very exciting time for a country that, despite its small size and tiny population, is currently one of the most high profile in the world.

Author: Ruchi Singh   

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