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Italian Air Force, together with the Qatari Display Team paints the skies over Doha Corniche

A spectacular air show by Italian Air Force aerobatic team and Qatari Display Team over the Doha sky on Saturday left many people arranging Doha Corniche mesmerised.

Facilitated by Al Zaeem Mohamed Bin Abdullah Al Attiyah Air College, the air show comes as a major aspect of cooperation between the Italian Armed Forces and Qatari Armed Forces.

The two sides shown stunning aerobatic moves over the Doha Corniche framing the Qatari and Italian flags noticeable all around agreeably. 


A sum of 22 jets of various kinds, for example, PC-21, Euro Fighter and AIR MACHE took part noticeable all around show. The event expects to uncover pilots at the Al Zaeem Air College to the best exhibitions of the renowned Italian Air Force aerobatic team, the Frecce Tricolori.

An extensive number of individuals arranged along the Doha Corniche from the early hours to observe the marvelous flying air-show that filled the sky with eye-catching colours.

The Italian Air Force and the Qatari Display Team will perform their last show today.


Italian Ambassador to Qatar HE Pasquale Salzano said "He is very proud and excited to have the Italian Air Force’s aerobatic team performing for the first time with the Qatari acrobatic team in Qatar," reported QatarTribune.

“The breathtaking aircraft stunts highlight the extraordinary ability of the Italian pilots, their unique expertise, and their advanced skills. They are the symbol of the Italian excellence in the field of defence and confirm Italy’s top position at the forefront of aeronautical technology," HE Pasquale Salzano added, reported GulfTimes.


"Qatar deserves the best and Italy wants to bring here the best of its traditions, trainers, and technology. Bringing Frecce Tricolori to Doha on the occasion of Italian Armed Forces Day, which falls on November 4 but will be officially celebrated on November 10, is Italy’s ‘thank you’ and ‘gift’ to honour the successful partnership with Qatar and Qatari Armed Forces.”


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