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Ministry issues weekly prices for selling fish and seafood

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has issued weekly bulletin for fixing the maximum prices for selling fish and seafood which will be valid until April 25, 2020.

The new bulletin put the famous local fish on very competitive prices as kingfish (locally known as (Kanad) is available at QR28 per kg (small and large size) and QR32 per kg for medium.

The price of Hamour fish is QR17 per kg for large, QR25 for small and QR36 for medium size.

Safe fish will be available at QR11 per kg for small size, QR13 per kg for medium size and QR17 large size per kg.

It is mandatory for all outlets to abide by the prices mentioned in the bulletin. In case of violations, the legal actions will be taken against the erring outlets.

The Ministry asked the people to call on hotline 16001 if they come across any violations.

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