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Panic Among Citizens in Qatar Due to scarcity of food- Ministry Gives Out Statement

Allaying the concerns of some residents who are rushing to stores for panic buying, Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, said that the Ministry maintains a strategic reserve of food items that are sufficient to meet the needs of residents for longer periods.

Speaking from one of the storage facilities of the Ministry about the state’s strategic reserve for food items, he said that the Ministry in cooperation with the competent authorities in the country, works within a comprehensive strategic plan to ensure the smooth flow of imports of food items to the local market in sufficient quantities, at reasonable prices, and with high quality.

Assistant Undersecretary pointed out that the food items are present at retail outlets in abundance and there is no shortage. The supply of food items is regular and there is a strong follow-up by the Ministry of this process on a daily basis.

About the national products, he said that such products are present in the market and have high quality with competitive prices.

He further said that in case of any emergency, we have contracts with alternative sources from many countries.

“Our advice to the consumers is to buy as per the need and the rush we saw in the last two days is unjustified and unnecessary. Goods are available and anyone can visit the market to see the availability of products,” Assistant Undersecretary said in a video posted on a twitter account.

About the prices, he clarified that there is also a price control that cannot be breached and there is no need to rush to purchase and store because in the end it is a loss for the consumers.

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