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Qatar establishes General Tax Authority

Qatar has set up the General Tax Authority (GTA), which will be in charge of implementing all tax laws and improving tax compliance in the nation, according to Gulf Times.

General Tax Authority (GTA) has been established as a different element, under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, and is in accordance with Qatar's intends to lessen the nation's dependence on hydrocarbon resources.

The law setting up the GTA commands the expert to implement all tax laws and setup every single related obylaws, procedures and instructions and be in charge of their implementation, survey and assess tax return forms and collect taxes from subject entities. 

Image: Gulf Times

It likewise mandates GTA to represent the State of Qatar in pertinent worldwide and local associations and at universal gatherings and events and sign tax agreements with other with different nations to empower financial cooperation and joint investments.

The GTA will support the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030 to guarantee the "continued welfare" of citizens and residents, and give an instrument to Qatar to reduce its dependence on a hydrocarbon-based economy.

The GTA will manage the work of the taxation system through monetary instruments that emphatically impact the level of welfare of citizens and residents alike, and additionally enhance public services such as healthcare, education, roads and 

The tax collection framework likewise establishes the framework for a “better economic future that is strong and sustainable.”

Some portion of the GTA's order will be to execute the Income Tax law (number 24 of 2018) relating to corporate income tax and the Excise Tax law (number 25 of 2018).

The Income Tax law (number 24 of 2018) changes the past law corporate income tax and stipulates that the salaries and wages of citizens and residents will not be liable to any tax and concedes exclusions for value shares recorded on a perceived stock trade, benefits of saving money stores and organizations working in the farming area and fisheries. 

Marine and aeronautical transportation are likewise exempted from duty on state of correspondence, an official release said. The corporate income tax on foreign companies working in Qatar or on the stake of oforeign partners in joint ventures remains at the same level, which is 10% of the taxable income.

The Excise Tax law (number 25 of 2018) came into power on January 1 this year and forces an expense on certain “health-damaging” goods.

It incorporates a rundown of the "focused on merchandise", with a 100% tax on tobacco products, alcohol and energy drinks and a 50% tax on carbonated drinks, and a 100% tax on special purpose goods.

"The Excise Tax speaks to a genuine interest in human capital and is intended to help fabricate a more advantageous society by disheartening the utilization of harmful goods,” the release said.

The appropriation of assessment laws (Law number 24 of 2018 on the Income Tax and Law number 25 of 2018 on the Excise Tax) is in accordance with the choice to build up the GTA, an official note said.

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