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Senior secondary school exams to be held safely: Minister responds to a student's letter

Doha: The Minister of Education and Higher Education, H E Dr. Mohammed bin Abdulwahed Al Hammadi, has assured the students that the examination of the final year of senior secondary schools will be held safely in a special arrangement asking them to brush aside their fear over COVID-19.

This came in the reply of the Minister to a letter from a girl student who expressed her fear of the forthcoming examination of senior secondary school amid the outbreak of coronavirus. 

The reply of the Minister is posted on the official Twitter account of the Ministry. “I am sure that you are a girl who is keen to pass with outstanding marks like your other many classmates who want to obtain high marks in the secondary school examination,” said the Minister in his reply.

He said that the marks of senior secondary certificates are very important to get admission in the universities and the tests of specialised courses are on the basis of these marks. “Holding examination in Qatar is necessary like other countries which are following the same system like us.”


“We cannot give estimated marks, because in doing so we would be doing injustice to a large number of students especially those who wanted high marks, and their position was not good in the first semester so they want to compensate it,” the Minister wrote.

“We are facing the COVID-19 epidemic and we should not give up or show weakness but believing in Allah we should take the measures to curb the infection.”

“I would like assure you that officials in the Ministry and schools are very keen for your safety. You are our children; we will do our best in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and other authorities concerned to hold the examination safely,” the MInister assured the student.

The Minister advised the girl to revise her lessons and focus on the preparation of examination as the teachers are doing their best to support her by answering questions.

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