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Saudi Ministries - Useful Links

Saudi Links and Resources:

  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Supreme Economic Council - coordinates the Kingdom's many economic agencies -

  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) -

  • Ministry of Economy and Planning - The MEP work to ensure that all government agencies work in a well-coordinated and well-informed manner to achieve the Kingdom's economic priorities. The Ministry prepares a periodic economic report on the Kingdom, featuring analysis of the economy, progress made and likely developments and prepares the five year development plan -

  • Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) - responsible for developing and supervising industrial land in the Kingdom -

  • Ministry of Commerce and Industry - responsible for all aspects of commercial and industrial activity in the Kingdom -

  • Council of Saudi Chambers - With the expansion of the Kingdom's economy and the need to consolidate the commercial base, the network of Chambers of Commerce has played an increasingly active role in the development of the Kingdom's commercial activity -

  • Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and Industry -

  • Ministry of Labour - responsible for the development and use of the Kingdom's human resources, including manpower planning, labour relations and the general monitoring of all matters relating to employment, such as labour visas -

  • General Directorate of Passports - responsible for implementing and monitoring policies and programs related to residency and human traffic within Saudi Arabia, such as:

    The Iqama (Residence Permit) System, organising expatriate arrivals in the Kingdom and related visa, registration and renewal issues. They regulate and monitor companies and establishments that employ non-Saudis and aliens -

  • Department of Zakat and Income Tax (DZIT) - responsible for tax policy and tax collection in the Kingdom -

  • General Organization of Social Insurance (GOSI) - The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), administers the Kingdom's national insurance program by paying allowances and other compensations to individuals and families in the Kingdom

  • Saudi Food and Drug Authority -

  • Visa from Ministry of Labour/Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Tourist Map View
  • Tourist Contact Center

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