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Syrian Regime Releases 104 Nusra Captives in Keep with Arsal Deal

Beirut- Al-Nusra Front revealed on Sunday in a media broadcast aired on its affiliate outlet, Ibaa News Agency, that the Syrian regime had committed to releasing some 104 of its members, among which were 24 women.

All detainees will be released from prisons in Homs, Hama and Damascus.


Meanwhile, Lebanon’s “Hezbollah” has entered the third phase of implementing the Arsal agreement. The militants of Saraya Ahl Sham have begun leaving Arsal’s outskirts after a turbulent 48 hours, which included their leadership stalling the evacuation.

According to Lebanon’s state-run National News Agency, some 400 fighters began leaving the Wadi Hmeid area of Arsal for the eastern slopes of the Qalamoun Mountains in Syria.

“The Lebanese security forces began Sunday the implementation for sending off 400 armed terrorists from Saraya Ahl Sham with their families,” an NNA correspondent said.

The NNA added that the fighters would leave Arsal heading for Ruhaiba in Syria with their light weapons.

It is to note that the Lebanese Red Cross will also accompany Saraya Ahl-Sham to the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Reporters were not allowed to enter the area. A media operation run by Hezbollah posted video of a caravan of buses rolling through the dusty hills.

Buses were expected to begin transporting 3,000 Syrian fighters and civilian refugees from a remote area in northeastern Lebanon to Syria on Monday morning.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said it was coordinating aid for 5,288 people who had arrived in northwestern Syria from the Arsal area under the earlier deal to transfer 9,000 people.

The status of the remaining people was unclear.

Source: aawsat

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