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The war effect: Syrian children forced to fend for their families

The nearly seven-year war has displaced children, left them malnourished and forced them out of school and into a life of labour to support themselves and their often wounded or devastated parents.

After six years of war, 2.8 million Syrian children are living in inaccessible areas, including 280,000 children living under siege, almost completely cut off from humanitarian aid, according to UNICEF.

But that is not the only problem they face. Displaced and traumatised, they are forced to fend for themselves as well as their families. 

Yasser al Jasem is a 10-year-old living in Idlib who collects plastic and glass bottles from the garbage or the streets to resell. His story is all too familiar in Syria. 

"My father was in prison, and suffers from pain in his legs so he can't work," Yasser says. His father was detained and tortured by the Syrian regime.

TRT World's Chelsea Carter has more on the plight of Syrian children, vulnerable, out of school, and forced to work.


Source: trtworld

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