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How Social Media Marketing Has Changed The Scene For Digital Marketers

Social media marketing quickly became one of the most influential and important aspects of digital marketing. It provides instant and endless opportunities to reach billions of people and helps brands create vital and loyal customer relationships. With the sheer volume of social media users—across all available platforms—it’s safe to say that social media drastically changed the digital marketing landscape. However, despite it being so prominent in the marketing world, many brands still struggle to fully utilize social media. Luckily, there are various agencies available that provide social media marketing services

The Impact of Social Media Marketing

Social media has allowed digital marketers to play with a whole new strategy. Each social media platform has its own strategies of what works and what doesn’t. Moreover, each industry has different strategies to make social media work for them. The main benefits that social media allows can be summarized as follows. 

Brand Engagement
Social media marketing has allowed brands to develop engaged and loyal communities. Social media has become a key source of information for consumers, and it has become their number-one place to research brands. If a consumer has seen that your brand regularly engages with your followers and customers, it will encourage them to join your community. 

Social media has been a key method marketers have used to build and strengthen engagement. Social media provides access to billions of people and targeting your ideal audience is relatively easy. 

Brand voice
Social media is a method digital marketers use to talk to customers. It has become the voice of a brand. It provides brands with the chance to express their messaging, ethos and values to customers in a genuine and authentic way. In addition, the type of content you are able to produce is limitless; videos, photos, blogs - you name it, you can make it. This gives brands significantly more opportunities to speak to customers. 

Your brand’s voice can change depending on which platform you are using. For example, on Instagram and Twitter content needs to be lively, friendly and engaging, whereas on LinkedIn you need to be more professional, but still engaging. 

Customer Service

Social media has made customer service easier and quicker than ever before. With most social platforms having instant messaging options, customers with problems or queries can speak to someone incredibly quickly, with many problems being resolved there and then. Furthermore, social media users can comment on Instagram posts or mention brands in Tweets if they have issues, and the brand can respond directly again. 

Many brands have even created dedicated customer service profiles. This allows brands to be open with their customers about any specific issues that might be happening, so it keeps their main social media accounts free for content promotions. 


Social media is a brilliant and initially free way to push and grow your brand. However, as social media advanced, platforms began offering businesses the option to pay to advertise their brands. Paid advertising is a great way to boost a marketing campaign, reach new audiences and gain brand recognition. It helps you gain data to refine and tailor your target audience based on demographics, behaviour and interests. 

Some platforms have begun to offer “business” suites and accounts to help brands make the most of the advertising services social platforms offer. There are numerous types of paid advertising options across all platforms, so finding the best one for you is a case of finding out where the majority of your audience are. The sheer amount of boosting options available mean you can reuse or repurpose videos, photos or graphics from your brand’s main marketing campaign. Social media has given businesses the opportunity to reach endless audiences. The number of users you manage to target depends on how much you spend, so it’s worth leaving yourself a fair amount of budget for a social media campaign. 

How Social Media Marketing changed digital marketing

To summarise, social media marketing has become one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, and if your brand isn’t on there now, it needs to be. Starting off can be daunting, so it’s recommended to search for an agency that provides social media marketing services that suit your needs. 

Author: Drishti Patel   

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