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Discovering The Magic Of KidZania Dubai Mall Why Kids Love It

Looking for the perfect place in Dubai to take your kids and let them have fun? If yes, then head towards DUBAI MALL KIDZANIA! This exciting destination offers a unique combination of fun and educational activities that will leave your kids with a lasting impression.

KidZania Dubai Mall is an indoor family entertainment center that allows children to role-play. Children can try their hand at more than 60 activities, ranging from being a firefighter to a doctor, a chef to a journalist. It provides a safe and controlled environment for children to explore and learn about the working world. It is also great fun for adults who can watch their little ones role-playing in this mini-city. It is designed for kids aged 4-14 years old.

How Do Parents Benefit From KidZania?

KidZania is a one-of-a-kind play city where kids can role-play grown-up jobs in a realistic urban environment. It's the perfect place for parents to watch their children learn, grow, and have fun! Here are just a few of the benefits that parents can enjoy when they visit KidZania:

●    Parental Supervision Is Not Necessary At All Times. 

While parents are recommended to accompany their children during their visit, there are plenty of activities that kids can do on their own. This gives parents some free time to explore the mall or grab a bite to eat while their kids are having fun!

●    KidZania Offers A Unique Learning Experience For Kids. 

They'll try different careers, learn about money management, and even practise teamwork! All of these skills will be useful in their future lives.

Handy Tips For A Successful Trip to KidZania
●    Plan Your Visit In Advance: 

KidZania is a popular attraction, so booking your tickets in advance is best to avoid disappointment. Visit our website now to book tickets. We have two different types of tickets-
●    KIDZANIA - DUBAI REGULAR PASS( ADULT)- 80AED (Valid for 6 months)
●    KIDZANIA - DUBAI REGULAR PASS (CHILD)- 195 AED (Valid for six months) 

Call us at +971-557219699 to get more information and seek help in the ticket booking process. 

Arrive Early 

Once you have your tickets, be sure to arrive at KidZania early. This will give you plenty of time to explore the different areas and attractions before the crowds start.

Dress Comfortably

KidZania is an interactive attraction, which means you'll be doing a lot of walking around. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes as you will also get dirty while playing in Kidzania.

Follow The Established Rules: 

There are rules in place at KidZania for a reason - they help to keep everyone safe. Be sure to follow all of the signs and instructions from the staff, and refrain from climbing on any of the equipment or structures.

KidZania Dubai Mall is such a magical place for kids. It provides them with entertaining activities and adventures and teaches them essential life skills that will stay with them long after they visit the mall. Kids love it here, so if you're looking for the perfect destination to take your children on an unforgettable day out, KidZania Dubai Mall is worth considering!

Author: Prafulla   

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