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19 Asian expats arrested for Dh200,000 prize phone scam

A 19-member gang  of Asian Expats , who were scamming residents by revealing to them they won bogus cash prizes, was arrested by Ajman Police, reported Khaleej times. 

According to  Ajman Police, they had gotten reports the gang calling victims about a Dh200,000 prize they had "supposedly won from a telecommunications company".


At that point, the fraudsters would either tell victims to exchange cash as  fees or ask them to provide bank account details, according to Ajman Police.

A team was framed to research the reports and accumulate proof, which pointed to the gang's hide-out in Ajman, he added. Upon their arrest, the gang confessed to the crime. Al Ghafli asked the public to be careful about   such scams, reiterating that sensitive personal information, such as bank account details, should be kept private at all costs.

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