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Book Your Ticket Now For ABU Dhabi T10 2022 Matches! Watch Guru Randhawa Live!

The short form of cricket is rapidly becoming popular among a large number of cricket fans across the globe. T10 matches are being played in ZAYED CRICKET STADIUM and usually last 90 minutes. 

India’s famous singer Guru Randhawa will give a live performance on 4th Dec 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website today, book tickets, and watch your favorite matches live. There is a solid craze for Guru Randhawa among people. They love to listen to his lovely song and watch videos. Watching him live will be great fun and entertainment for everyone. So, don’t miss the chance and book your appointment now. 

You will be able to watch exciting matches played between different teams. 

1 Dec 2022: Matches

●    Delhi Bulls Vs. NewYork Strikers, 16:00
●    Team Abu Dhabi Vs. Bangla Tigers, 18:15
●    Morrisville Samp Vs. Deccan Gladiators, 20:30

2 Dec 2022: Matches

●    Delhi Bulls Vs. The Chennai Bravers, 16:00
●    Northern Warriors Vs. Morrisville Samp Army, 18:15
●    NewYork Strikers Vs. Team Abu Dhabi,  20:30

3 Dec 2022: Matches

●    Qualifier 1, 16:00
●    Eliminator, 18:15
●    Qualifier 2, 20:30

4 Dec 2022: Matches

●    3rd Place Match, 16:00
●    Final, 18:15
●    Concert, 20:30

Call 971-557219699 or Email- [email protected] for more info. We are always happy to help!

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