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Dog dies on Dubai-Manila Emirates flight

Snoopy, a Pomeranian dog died inside the aircraft of an Emirates flight while travelling from Dubai to the Cebu, Philippines on September 1.

The owner, Cliff Rozal, is in the Philippines for an indefinite leave and claims that Snoopy was in healthy condition after a previous bladder stone condition, according to a report in Thecityvibesuae.

The dog passed away due to hypoxia, lack of oxygen reaching the body's issue during the long flight. 

A vet surgeon confirmed that the pet had passed away for four hours. So, he had died during the flight. 

Rozal had adopted the dog and remember him as the best-behaved dog he had ever met. 

Emirates is conducting an investigation on the death of the dog. The airport officials didn't allow the owner to take the body and he was buried next to the runway. 

Source: arabyoum

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