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Driver dies after car hits him on road shoulder in Dubai

A driver died in Dubai on Monday after he was hit by a car from behind while he was standing on a road shoulder in Dubai.

Colonel Juma Bin Suwaidan, Director General of Traffic Department of the Dubai Police, said that the accident took place at 7:30 am on Sunday on Sheikh Zayed Road, when a vehicle parked on the side after one of its tyres got damaged.


The driver came out of the car and stopped on the shoulder of the road to replace the tyre without taking any precautionary measures. A heavy pickup, coming from the back, hit the man and he died succumbing to his severe injuries .

Colonel Suwaidan warned against standing on the shoulder of the road, and urged drivers to leave a safe distance so that in the event of a car about to hit the vehicle, the driver can pull out of the road with necessary precautions.

He stressed that standing on the shoulder of the road is one of the serious violations on Dubai roads that result in serious accidents, deaths and injuries, pointing out that there are traffic accidents almost every day due to stopping on the shoulder of the road.

"Many drivers misunderstand the purpose of the existence of the road shoulder," he added, "This is due to lack of awareness and that it should only be used for emergency cases and not for changing tyres." 

Colonel Suwaidan called on drivers to follow speed limits and take the necessary precautionary measures in the event of a car breakdown on the road - in order to avoid accidents  that could damage life and property.

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