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Group jailed for setting up Hezbollah branch in UAE

Three defendants were sentenced to life in jail, two got 15-year jail terms and two others were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The State Security Circuit of the Federal Supreme Court on Monday handed out varying jail terms to seven people for setting up a UAE cell of the banned Hezbollah group.

Three defendants were sentenced to life in jail, two got 15-year jail terms and two others were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

The court chaired by Judge Falah Al Hajiri also sentenced leader of Egypt's banned Muslim Brotherhood group Esam Al Din Al Erian to five years in jail, in absentia.

In another case, the court ordered an Emirati girl and two Emirati youths to serve jail terms ranging from five to seven years for joining and funding terrorist groups, while clearing a fourth Emirati suspect of the charges against him. He was ordered to be placed at a medical facility, owing to his health condition.

In the first case, the court handed down life sentences to Emirati suspect H.A.S.H and Lebanese suspects A.H.A.A; and A.H.M. The court also ordered Egyptian woman suspect F.A.H.A.A., who holds a Canadian citizenship, and Emirati suspect M.S.S.K. to ten years each in jail. Iraqi suspect S.D.A. and Lebanese national A.A.M. were sentenced to 15 years each in prison. All the suspects were found guilty of setting up a UAE cell of Lebanese Hezbollah group and joining it. They have also been convicted of spying for a terrorist outfit.


The suspects had conveyed military and civilian information to Hezbollah group in Lebanon and Revolutionary Guards of Iran, including photos of critical places and senior officials in the UAE. They passed these information on to some elements working for the Iranian consulate in Dubai under false names and identity.

The court ordered the confiscation of all objects found with the suspects such as computers, laptops, cameras, as well as photographs.

In another case, the court sentenced an Emirati woman, identified as A.M.A.A., and her brother M.M.A.A. to five years each in jail for joining terror groups Al Nusra Front and Daesh in Syria. They created a social media account to promote the thoughts and ideologies of the terrorist groups. They also transferred money to these groups and even travelled to Syria through Turkey.
The court also ordered that the electronic devices found with the suspects be confiscated, and the social media accounts of the accused be shut down.

The court ordered the woman convict to be referred to Al Mafraq hospital in Abu Dhabi to keep on her medical treatment. The case has been deferred to November 21.

In another case, the court pronounced a seven-year jail term for Emirati, A.M.N.S., for joining Al Islah organisation, which is affiliated to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.

However, another suspect, A.M.A.M.S. was cleared of terror charges, considering his bad health condition. He was ordered to be placed at a therapeutic centre for treatment.

Source: khaleejtimes

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