India asks UAE To Stop Issuing Job Visa To Women On Visit Visa

India has asked UAE Stop female Indian workers that land in the nation on a visit visa from getting a employment visa, reported Gulf business.

The proposed change would restrict the recruitment of Indian ladies through unlawful channels and stop misuse following a series of checks introduced to blue-collar workers get similar pay rates salaries they are promised by recruiters.


Sushma Swaraj, Indian minister or external affairs, announced the request during a visit to the Indian Social and Cultural Center in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday evening, reported Gulf News.

Recruitment agencies in India frequently exploit ladies who enter the UAE on a visit visa looking for work instead of utilizing the fficial eMigrate system, Sushma Swaraj said.

"The individuals who utilize illegal channels frequently don't realize where are they going to. They don't have a clue about their rights and defensive estimates available for them," she added.

"I have requested that every  chief ministers to capture unscrupulous recruitment agents who abuse jobseekers and put them in a behind bars.”

The Indian government separately said a month ago it had conceded a requirement for the required online enrollment of Indian identification holders venturing out to 18 nations – including the UAE – for work. 

The ruling was slated to happen from January 1, 2019 and the service had warned that the individuals who neglected to pre-register risked being offloaded at the airport.

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