Man killed as shots fired in high-speed car chase in UAE

Man was killed after a high-speed chase with police led to gunshots and a deadly collision in Al Ain on Wednesday, reported Gulf Insider.

The incident happened when the youthful was endeavoring to get away from the police who were chasing him for reckless driving.


The car chase took place at 5 am on Monday when a police watch vehicle recognized a vehicle being driven at a fast. At the point when the driver was requested to stop the vehicle, he speeded up whereupon the watch discharged two shots noticeable all around as per the wellbeing guidelines to constrain him to stop, as per police statement.

The driver, be that as it may, declined to comply with the police directions and thus let go back at the police watch vehicle and kept on speeding, when his vehicle slammed into one of the watch vehicles and toppled, harming him seriously. 

The man was taken to the healing center yet he surrendered to his wounds on Tuesday morning, the police proclamation included. 

Police did not discharge the name or nationality of the perished youth. Additionally, the police did not say what sort of weapon the youth was carrying.

"The Abu Dhabi Police communicated its profound lament for the shocking occurrence, communicating its most profound sympathies and true worries to the group of the perished," the announcement said. 

The police, meanwhile, called upon families, educational and community bodies to participate with the concerned specialists and strengthen mindfulness crusades to diminish the heedlessness of youngsters on the streets and ensure them imperiling their lives and the lives of others. 

The police called on the public to respond to police orders, cooperate with them to preserve the safety of all road users.

Parents especially should take the lead in educating their children about the dangers of reckless driving. Values of safety and security for all should be paramount.

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