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Now, CCTV cameras can catch Abu Dhabi shoppers who violate social distancing rules

CCTV cameras will now be monitoring shoppers in Abu Dhabi to ensure the adherence of all precautionary measures related to COVID-19.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Monitoring and Control Centre, have launched the Smart Emergency Control Centre to inspect and monitor economic establishments across the emirate. The aim is to develop and facilitate the inspections of shops and shopping centres, as part of the authority’s efforts against the spread of COVID-19, and to enhance the monitoring of customers’ movements in shops.

The centre is equipped with a smart live camera system operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by a dedicated inspection team in order to monitor the adherence to precautionary measures, such as social distancing and compliance with the specified store capacity.


Rashid Abdul Karim Al Balushi, Undersecretary of ADDED, said that the remote control centre will also respond to the complaints from the public, in addition to reinforcing the role of inspectors in the field.

The ADDED official confirmed that the smart control room is a milestone in the control section of the department as it contributes to speeding up the pace and quality of work.

“The control centre can monitor the violations carried out by shoppers or shop owners, whether inside or outside the commercial centres, especially those related to the physical distancing between individuals and prevention of crowds,” said Al Balushi.

He explained that the remote monitoring system is one of the department's initiatives that incorporates technology to facilitate the role and tasks of inspectors, and to provide safe and high-quality services that maintain the business environment in Abu Dhabi, in accordance with the regulations and requirements of business activities.

Al Balushi called on shoppers to follow the new etiquette of maintaining a social distance in public places and to adhere to the rules and regulations issued by the concerned authorities to limit the spread of COVID-19. Further precautionary measures include the use of a face mask, wearing gloves at supermarkets, wash hands often, and to stay at home if feeling unwell.


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