Passenger' proposes to Emirates cabin crew on Dubai flight

It was a Rome to Dubai flight when a young man (Stefano) proposed to his sweatheart (Vittoria) - an Emirates  cabin crew team on-board the aircraft.

Emirates airline released video, showed that the lady Vittoria overpowered with emotion by the her life fiancé's loving gesture as she was unconscious of what was unfurling behind the shades of the Economy cabin where he proposed to her

The man additionally reserved in other individual travelers and lodge team in the trip to finish the lodge.

The young man impartial out pattern covers of his face to individual travelers. 

Like a true gentleman, Stefano went down on one knee and proposed to Vittoria in the passageway where she cheerfully said yes - sliding the pretty engagement ring on her finger.

"Emirates Airline has an exceptionally extraordinary place in my heart. With regards to their service, they have a major enormous heart leaving all the competitors behind (sic)," said Riaz Shinwari, a YouTuber, in the comments section.

The video is melting hearts online, who praised the airline and Stefano's romantic proposal.

"Sooooo  romantic ?????????," remarked Mahek Sheik. 

"So romantic ? she is extremely lucky? all the best to the sweet/adorable couple ?? (sic)," says Priya Dabee. 

"Anything is possible with Emirates...Their cabin group are sooo pleasant, kind and strong! They're generally there for you (like in this video)... I adore Emirates!," says Trey Pohe. 


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