UAE Announced fuel prices for January 2018

The new year will give drivers significantly to a greater degree motivation to celebrate, as fuel costs for the long stretch of January dropped further for the third straight month. 

The per-litre prices are Super 98 at Dh2 (down from Dh2.25 last month) and Special 95 at Dh1.89, down from Dh2.15 in December. Diesel price has been fixed at Dh2.30, reduced from Dh2.61 in December.

Brent Crude today fell at around $54.04 per barrel. Examiners have remarked that ongoing decrease in costs have been because of oversupply as the cuts settled upon by part countries of Oil Producing and Exporting Countries will just produce results in January. Contrasted with October, worldwide oil costs have fallen by very nearly 40 %, however it pivoted marginally in December.

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