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UAE based Filipina expat with Dh190,000 debt gets new life

Filipina expat, who was stuck in the UAE for very nearly 8 years, being jobless and confronting a travel ban over a Dh190,000  bounced cheque conviction, is among the numerous workers who have been helped by the human rights experts in Abu Dhabi to begin new lives. 

Head of the Human Rights Section at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), Fatma Abdulrahim Obaid said that her office had taken care of and explained 23 cases of workers with different issues amid the initial a half year of 2018. The human rights office had taken care of 42 cases during 2017, reported Khaleej Times.


A large portion of the cases, as per Fatma, include laborers facing immigration issues such as absconding, work ban from employers and other legal issues.

What's more, among the ongoing cases they got was that of a Filipina who was clearly staying  illegally in the nation after her visa had expired for a long time.

The lady had turned out to be jobless after spending times prison over a bounced check and was likewise confronting a travel ban since she couldn't pay Dh190,000 on the dud cheque as she didn't have any source of income.

"The poor lady had spent time moving from office to office, looking for help, yet couldn't find hope until she was directed to the human rights section," said Obaid.

She added, "She came to us crying. She had gone through right around eight years stuck in the nation and without a job. She couldn't move out of the nation since she had a travel ban on her as she was not able pay the sum on the bounced cheque."

She said in only multi day in the wake of getting her case, the human rights office helped the lady have her arrest warrant removed temporarily and her name was cleared with the movement office so she could get a visa and locate another new job enabling her to repay the money.

"We have helped her get the half year jobseekers temporary residence vis under the progressing  amnest plan and she is presently living joyfully and unreservedly in the nation as she searches for a job," said Obaid. 

She said her office is helping numerous individuals with various cases, including motivating them legal counselors to guarantee that their human rights are considered and furthermore to give them trust. 

Judicial Department keen on ensuring workers get their rights

Leader of the Abu Dhabi Labor Court, Chief Justice Abdullah Faris Ali Al Nuami said that  Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is keen on protecting the rights of workers and it has undertaken many initiatives in this regard. These include organising workshops and field visits to workers' accommodations to teach workers about the labour law and their rights, human trafficking and other related issues so that they can file complaints to authorities in case their rights are violated.

"The department introduced a mobile court to handle cases involving disputes between workers living in one area and their employers and last year, a One-day Labour Court was established in Abu Dhabi to cut waiting time and ensure quick verdicts in cases that do not exceed Dh20,000. The court has so far handled 700 cases," he said.

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