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UAE Filipinos, beware of this New Zealand visa scam

It promises residency and a job.

Filipinos around the world, those in the UAE included are advised to be wary of a news broadcast which promotes student visas as a way to secure residency in New Zealand. It has been labelled as fake and dangerous. 

According to TV NZ, the story in question aired on the People's Television Network - which is the Philippine government's official TV network. It operates under the helm of the Presidential Communications Operations Office. PTV's broadcast claimed that Filipinos could bring their families with them to New Zealand on a student visa. They would then be guaranteed a job after graduating.


Several Filipino migrants coming to New Zealand were left disappointed after discovering that the broadcast was a scam, Philippine Ambassador to New Zealand, Jesus Domingo said. The envoy also added that the news broadcast irresponsible and led Filipinos to approach agencies which charge thousands of dollars.

Worryingly, the envoy also revealed that there have been several cases of Filipinos committing suicide over the disappointment.

A petition was launched calling for the government network to retract and amend the story.

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