UAE launches world's first sail thru supermarket

Majid Al Futtaim has unveiled Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore, the world's first sail through supermarket.


The custom-manufactured Aqua Pod is intended to serve customers on yachts, and stream skis on Kite Beach, Jumeirah Public Beach, and Al Sufouh Beach in Dubai. Operational six days seven days from 10am to 6pm, subject to reasonable climate conditions, the case includes more than 300 items on-board extending from hot and chilly tidbits, frozen yogurt, new sustenance and refreshments to chose non-nourishment things like sunscreen and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. 

Jet skiers and travelers in little cruising specialties can cruise up to the Aqua Pod and request at the window counter, pay and get their stuffed things. Customers on bigger cruising vessels in the territory or on the chose shorelines can telephone through their request, or place it by means of the 'Aqua Pod' application and a rowboat will at that point convey their request inside a 45-minute target delivery time.

CEO of Majid Al Futtaim Retail, Hani Weiss said, "Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore is a world-first for Carrefour and our industry. Like never before, a fruitful business relies upon persistently reevaluating itself to remain in front of client needs and desires. Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore is a development supported by an unmistakable business system dependent on clients first, and lined up with our vision to make extraordinary minutes for everybody, consistently."

The Aqua Pod is planned and made by Aquatic Architects Design Studio (AADS) in Dubai, and has been assembled and structured with an eco-accommodating core interest. It is controlled by battery-powered batteries, which will enable it to voyage out to ocean and back. Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore will likewise add to cleaner waters around Dubai by means of its 'seabin' which is joined to the outside of the Aqua Pod and vacuums in any coasting flotsam and jetsam into its holding tank. The reject is then securely discarded once docked on shore. In conclusion, the Aqua Pod can change over lattice water in its holding tank to consumable water utilizing an inherent purifier, taking out the requirement for plastic jugs on board. 

With regards to Majid Al Futtaim's more extensive duty to manageability and Net Positivity, Carrefour Bites and More by the Shore will just give clients biodegradable paper straws and packs and urge clients to arrange any loss from their buys in a mindful and earth well disposed way.



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