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UAE passport 4th most powerful in the world

The UAE passport has further consolidated its standing among the top ten in the world and jumped to the fourth most powerful passport, according to the Arton Capital Passport Index.

The latest update of the Passport Index showed that Emirati citizens can now fly to 162 countries without the need of a prior visa, further strengthening the UAE’s position in the world’s top 4 strongest passports, and the first in the Arab region and the Middle East. 


If the UAE passport holders are allowed to travel to the three countries which Singapore and Germany can, being the strongest ones in the world, the UAE passport will be no less than the two latter ones. Now, there are exactly three countries that are standing in the way of Emirati passport turning out to be as strong as that of Singapore and Germany passports, which are currently the stronget in the world.

The UAE passport has cross passed Australia, Iceland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Monaco, Brazil and Hong Kong.  It is worth mentioning that the UAE passport has jumped from the ninth to the fourth rank in less than two months’ time.

Source: gulftoday

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