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15 Arab passports ranked by visa-free travel

These Arab passports are ranked by number of countries they can enter without a visa

Arton Capital is a global financial advisory firm, specialising in programs for residency and citizenship to help governments, investors, finance professionals and consultants perform their tasks efficiently on a global scale.

They released their passport ranking for 2016 in September and we have compiled a definitve ranking of all Arab passports. 

Country  Rank Visa Free Score
UAE 26 123
Kuwait 51 82
Qatar 54 76
Bahrain 57 72
Oman 58 71
Saudi Arabia 60 68
Morocco 69 58
Egypt 77 50
Jordan 79 48
Algeria 79 48
Lebanon 87 40
Palestine 89 38
Lybia 90 37
Syria 92 31
Iraq 93 29












Citizens of the UAE have the most powerful Arab passport, since they can enter more countries without a visa than any other Arab country.


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