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Video: Man shocked to find 45 snakes under his home, clip goes viral

The man spotted the snakes while attempting to fix a cable issue.

A Texas man was shocked to discover that the area under his house was a sneaky lair of 45 rattlesnakes. The man made a distressed call to snake catchers after he spotted a 'few' snakes while attempting to fix a TV or cable issue.


In a footage that has now gone viral shows the dark area under the man's house was a rattlesnake nest. The video on Facebook shows snakes  coiled up undisturbed in their cosy hideout until the snake catcher uses a tong to grab one of the reptiles.

The snakes can be heard hissing and making loud rattling noise every time the snake catcher pulls out a snake one after other. According to reports in Indian Express, the den consisted of snakes of all sizes including snakelets and newly hatched snakes. 

The 14-minute video has been viewed over a million times.

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