Woman defends herself against dog, gets bitten by its owner

She tried to defend herself with a pepper spray which angered the owner.

In a peculiar occurrence, a lady got nibbled by an enraged puppy proprietor after she safeguarded herself from the maverick canine. The puppy's proprietor, 19-year-old Alma Cadwalader from California, got into a battle with the lady and later her bit her in an attack of anger. 

As indicated by reports in NDTV, the lady was running at Oakland's Anthony Chabot Regional Park on Thursday morning when Cadwalader's pooch assaulted her. She endeavored to safeguard herself with a pepper shower which angered Cadwalader who at that point assaulted the lady. "A female jogger shielded herself against a canine assault with pepper splash. Afterward, she was hailed by the puppy's proprietor. A physical quarrel resulted, where the unfortunate casualty was chomped by the suspect, causing noteworthy damage," East Bay Regional Park District Police Department said in an announcement. 


Cadwalader was reserved at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin on Friday and deals with indictments of battery, false detainment, and burglary, as per USA Today reports. "It was really evident it was not canine chomps yet rather human teeth. Notwithstanding the chomp, there was punching, kicking. This canine proprietor left her speechless on the trail," police Lt. David Phulps said to NBC News. 

East Bay Regional Park District Police Department shared the occurrence on their authority Facebook account which accumulated stunned remarks. One Facebook client composed: 'Exceptionally odd', while another composed: 'The individual that bit the other individual ambushed them. Unadulterated and straightforward. There's no reason for that'.

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