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Expat guide to Bahrain

Visa requirements

Anyone not a passport holder from a Gulf Cooperation Council state needs a visa to enter Bahrain. The usual route is to get the employer to arrange and process necessary documents. They are handled by Bahrain’s labour market regulatory authority.

Work visas

People seeking to reside or work in Bahrain need to show the authorities a health record from an authorised clinic. The main concern is that the applicant is free of transmissible disease, including HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections. The other requirements listed by the authority are: visa application form; employee’s passport; passport-size photograph; sponsorship letter indicating employer’s name and organisation and a copy of employment contract. The fee is 200BD (Bahraini Dinar) or approximately £330.


Residency visas

Family health records are also required for residency (or family) visas. Other requirements are as for work visas, but the fee is reduced to 90BD.

Identity card

Bahrain’s Central Informatics Organisation issues ID cards. You need a passport, a sponsorship letter stating employment and employer’s name, a marriage certificate (for spouse) and birth certificates for children. There is no charge.

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