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10 Interesting Facts About Kenya

10 Interesting Facts About Kenya

An African Safari wonderland, a home to many tribes, an oasis with scenic landscapes, and a retreat of wildlife preserves – this is Kenya.

Nestled in East Africa, the Republic of Kenya, is becoming the most sought-after destination for travelers seeking for a real sense of adventure.

Learn more of the country’s best-kept secrets and these interesting facts before you visit this place of wilderness.

  1. World’s Best Safari Land

When talking about the greatest safari in the world, Kenya is on top of the list. This country has become a hunters’ paradise as some of the hardest animals to hunt are just around its massive land.

Elephants, rhinoceros, cape buffalos, leopards, and lions are among the Big Five targets of hunters. All of can be found in Maasai Mara, Kenya’s National Reserve.

While laws have been imposed for the protection of these animals, tourists continue to visit Kenya’s wild forests to see them from the distant.

  1. Coffee Export

If you love to have daily caffeine fix, Kenya is the place to enjoy freshly brewed coffee. Although most Kenyans drink tea more than coffee, there is a huge supply of this commodity in the place.

Dark and mild coffee products have been sold locally as they are among the country’s largest exports. Thanks to the acidic land, great amount of sunlight and rainfall in main Kenya which contribute to the rich resources of these goods in the country.

  1. Maasai Natives

A group of indigenous people with an estimated population of 500,000 has been living in Kenya’s National Reserve. They are called, ‘Maasai,’ who are natives of Maasai Mara, with a land area of almost 100,000 square miles.

The semi-nomadic tribe possesses some warrior skills and is keen on jumping dances. They have been reliant on the country’s market economy by selling cows, goats, charcoal, grain, and other goods.

Maasai are great consumers of milk, meat, and cattle blood which is served on special occasions as liquor hangover relievers.

  1. Car-free City

When you visit Lamu Old Town, chances are, you will get to walk, take a boat ride, or have a donkey trip to transport goods.

The Lamu Island is situated off the coast of the country wherein this city lies as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Swahili communities in East Africa have been in this oldest Kenyan town that dates back to the 12th century.

Cars have been banned and there is no space for vehicles in the area.

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  1. Kenya is Derived from ‘Mountain’

In 1920, Kenya acquired its name from Mount Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain. The mountain was previously called ‘kenia’ which means ‘glitter’ by locals living in the area.

As the mountain top is sometimes covered with snow while climate is tropical, it was also called ‘the mountain that shines.’

  1. Kenya is a New Country

The nation has obtained independence in December 12, 1963. It was unfortunately a violent incidence. The militant group, Mau Mau, consisted of Kikuyu locals headed a revolution against authorities. They attacked Africans who did not partake in their mission, leaving several people dead.

  1. Main languages

Swahili and English are two major languages spoken in Kenya. There are over 60 other languages practiced in the country which are classified into two groups: Nilo-Saharan and Niger-Congo.

  1. Massive Migration

Apart from having all the Big Five, wildlife in Kenya is vast. The Great Migration happens here.

Around 200,000 zebras and 1.5 million wildebeest travel at least 800 kilometers to migrate to Kenya. There are also 3,000 lions migrating to the place habitually.

  1. Kenyan Flag

When Kenya gained independence, they celebrated it by adopting a new flag. It represents the nation’s African National Union flag, a political entity which supported them for sovereignty.

The black color symbolizes Kenyan people, green is for natural wealth, white is for peace and red is for blood. The spears of Masai and shield mean freedom.

  1. Kenya is Best Place to Work and Live

The country is not just a best place for an African Safari. It is also an ideal place to visit, work, or invest. Moving to this country will require you an Kenya e visa.  So, if you are looking for the best place to settle, now is the time to visit Kenya.

Author: Syed Ameer   

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