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'Aggressive' doctor tries to open plane door at 33,000 ft

He cried and complained about his inability to breathe while being kept tied up.

An 'extremely aggressive' doctor, had to be controlled after he tried to open the plane's emergency exit at 33,000 ft in mid-air.

According to a report in the Metro, the drunk Russian anaesthetist Vadim Bondar had to controlled by the crew and other male passengers after created a ruckus on the flight. He was tied down with a belt, and was kept as is for four hours until the flight reached Moscow. He cried and complained about his inability to breathe while being kept tied up.

He acted in a foul mouthed and violent manner after consuming alcohol on the 10-hour flight, even though the airline has banned alcohol in the economy class on that route.


He kept screaming and yelling despite the other passengers' attempts to calm him down.

The airlines' spokeswoman was quoted as saying that the passenger was quite drunk as seen as violating the public order.

He was also extremely aggressive, threatening and humiliating the flight attendants and non-reactive to0 the stern warnings from the crew members, she added.

The man was handed over to the police once the flight arrived in Moscow, following which he underwent a medical examination.

A decision on what charges are to be pressed against him will be reached later.

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