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Coronavirus COVID-19 - OUTBREAK

2 new instances in Australia (Victoria residents) from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, bringing the country's overall to 21 (of which 6 repatriated from the cruise ship in Japan)

1 new case in Japan.

142 new cases in South Korea, of which ninety two related to the Qingdao Daenam Hospital, 38 to the Sincheon Daegu Church, and 12 unknown pending investigation.

1 new case in Italy (Cremona, Lombardy region). Schools in ten cities will stay closed for 2 weeks. "People have to be distantiated right now, because that is a virus this is transmitted very successfully at near range" said the director of the infectious diseases department of the Higher Institute of Health, Gianni Rezza

US CDC: this virus represents a "Tremendous Public Health Threat. Likely that Community Spread may subsequently happen in the United States"

WHO: "Although the whole wide variety of COVID-19 cases outside of China remains enormously small, we are concerned approximately the number of cases with no clear epidemiological link, such as travel records to China or touch with a showed case" WHO leader Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Feb. 21 press briefing [video of sentence].

Expert opinion: Last 36 hours indication of possible pandemic.

397 new instances and 109 new deaths passed off in China (of which 366 new cases and 106 new deaths in Hubei province) on February 21, as reported with the aid of the National Health Commission (NHC) of China, which has also mentioned revisions to Feb. 19 and Feb. 20 numbers, both national and for Hubei. We will regulate our information accordingly.

1st demise in Italy: a 77 yr antique guy in Vò Euganeo (Padua). The man have been inside the hospital for the beyond ten days because of other fitness problems. Schools and shops within the city to be closed in an strive to save you the virus from spreading, said Veneto governor Zaia.

3 new cases in South Korea.

1 new case within the United States in Sacramento County, California. The character had lower back from China on Feb. 2 and has so far proven no symptoms.

12 new cases in Italy. Hundreds waiting for check results. 10 cities, 50,000 people, located in precautionary voluntary quarantine. Two trains with suspected instances blocked. Schools, workplaces, municipal and private offices, 3 educate stations, coffee stores, and public locations closed within the affected towns as a minimum till Sunday. New cases consist of:

5 health workers and three patients inside the Codogno Hospital.

The son of a bar proprietor who practiced game with the man.

3 customers of the bar.

A couple, aged 78 and sixty seven years antique, in important condition inside the Veneto region (the person has later died).

7 new instances in the United States from the Diamond Princess cruise deliver, further to the eleven formerly confirmed, for a total of 18 from the ship.

2 new instances within the United Arab Emirates: contacts of a preceding case.

2 new cases in Australia: two Queenslanders women, elderly fifty four and 55, who have been evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise deliver.

1 new case in Singapore.

1st case in Lebanon confirmed by the Minister of Health.

Hubei province in China has corrected its Feb. 20 formerly reported numbers to encompass 220 additional new cases mentioned "on a hand-written card" by way of the jail department during the night. The overall is being revised from 62,442 to 62,662 instances.

3 new cases in Italy, contacts of the cases suggested earlier today close to Milan, in Lombardy region. "All citizens of Castiglione d'Adda, Codogno and Casalpusterlengo are invited, as a precaution, to live domestic and keep away from social contacts" a regional authorities official stated in a note.

12 new instances in Japan, of which three in Tokyo.

1 new loss of life in South Korea: a 54 12 months-vintage girl.

1st case in Israel: a passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise deliver who turned into observed to have the virus best after returning to Israel.

2 new deaths and 13 new instances in Iran: 7 in Qom, four in Tehran, and a pair of in Rasht.

2 new instances in Italy: the wife (eight-month pregnant) and buddy of the formerly showed case of a 38-yr-vintage guy near Milan, who's now in essential circumstance in extensive care. In early February, the man had dinner with a pal who had currently back from China. He went to the emergency room on Feb.15 and again on Feb. 19. The buddy is now undergoing tests. About one hundred sixty contacts of the person have been put under quarantine. Emergency processes are being set in place within the organization where the man works.

eleven new instances inside the United States are former passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan who were evacuated on Feb. 17. The CDC has validated the take a look at results accomplished via the Nebraska Public Health lab.

1 demise in China, yesterday, of a 29-12 months-antique doctor in Wuahn, Peng Yinhua, who worked in breathing and important care at the First People’s Hospital in Jiangxia district, Wuahn. He turned into hospitalized on Jan. 25 and his situation dramatically worsened by means of Jan. 30.

forty eight new instances in South Korea, bringing the total to 204. "Currently, the COVID-19 state of affairs at home is that the scope of mass outbreak thru a unmarried publicity is distinctly big," KCDC Director Jung Eun-kyeong said in a statement.

2 new instances in Taiwan: the 40-yr-vintage daughter and the 20-year-vintage granddaughter of a formerly confirmed case.

three new instances in Japan, which includes a woman in her 40s who had a low-grade fever on Feb. 16, a 38° fever on Feb. 17, and is now being handled at home.

1 new case in Canada (British Columbia): a woman in her 30s currently returned from journey to Iran.

45 new instances in South Korea.

Author: Syed Ameer   

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