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Netizen accuses fellow bus rider of stealing his cellphone during commute

cellphone is one of the most important gadgets in today’s age, particularly if it’s a smartphone. A person uses it to send messages, call people, take pictures, and browse the internet, among others.


As such, it’s always within reach. Commuters usually place their cellphones in their pockets, inside their bags, or even in their wallets for easy access. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for pickpockets to snatch the beloved device.

One Facebook user shared that a fellow bus rider allegedly almost stole his cellphone during an evening commute. He accompanied his post with two videos of the bus rider for evidence.

The bus rider was an old man who wore a cap and a dark shirt.

The netizen said that people should be wary of him since he might victimize other innocent commuters with his scheme. To this moment, it’s not thoroughly verified if the old man did indeed try to steal the phone.

The netizen also failed to indicate the location and the time of the supposed crime. However, he shared the two videos on Jan. 28, 2018, at around 12:49 a.m.

In the first video, the netizen (presumably the one who recorded the whole thing) accused an old man in a cap and dark shirt. He stood on the aisle while the old man sat on the window seat near his position.

The netizen showed that his pants were torn near the pockets. “Tingnan mo ginawa mo! T*ng*na mo!’ 

According to him, he felt the old man’s hands through the side of his pants where his cellphone was.

When the old man didn’t reply back to his allegations, the netizen warned his fellow bus riders about him instead.

Source: tnp

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