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The Broom Challenge taking social media by storm

The Broom Challenge taking social media by storm

People across social media are citing NASA as pronouncing something about unique gravitational forces being at work and posting videos of their brooms standing up on their own. Spoiler: That's not the case.













Despite talk of the Earth’s rotation reaching some sort of balance on a positive day, there may be some other rationalization for why and how people's brooms (or poultry wings) are in a position to stand up on their own. Betsy Kling, Chief Meteorologist at 3News, said that it was all about balance. "People think it’s one of a kind because at what other factor in your existence would you cease and attempt to balance a broom," Kling said. Back in 2012, Wired published a story about the undertaking and refuted claims that it had something to do with the Earth's position. Ahmad Bajjey of NBC 25's Mid-Michigan NOW also took to Facebook to clear up the misconceptions about it all by means of posting a video explainer, which you can test out below.

Author: Syed Ameer   

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