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Top Ten Countries with Fastest Internet Speed in the World 2017

1: Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the strongest countries of the world which is also considered as the house of foreign investors, as talk about the internet and internet speed, this country has progressed rapid as this region has made success in other field because it has highest blazing internet speed. Hong Kong on the 3rd number in highest speed internet but due to its better policies called as leader in technology, maximum population of this country has easily availability of internet connections so peak average internet speed of broadband connection in this country is up to 54.1 megabits per second because in 2006 they provide broadband connections of speed 10 to 100 megabits per second.

Rank Name Internet Speed
1 Hong Kong 54.1 mbps
2 South Korea 48.8 mbps
3 Japan 42.2 mbps
4 Latvia 37.5mbps
5 Romania 37.4 mbps
6 Belgium 32.7 mbps
7 Switzerland 32.4 mbps
8 Bulgaria 32.1 mbps
9 Israel 30.9 mbps
10 Singapore 30.9 mbps

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