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Woman Muslim convert dies while saving others in NZ terror attack

She shielded other women with her body.

A 65-year-old New Zealand woman sacrificed her own life while saving others when terrorist opened fire at the Linwood Mosque, Christchurch, on Friday.

Linda Armstrong was known to be cheerful and kind-hearted, who always helped others. On the fateful day, Sister Linda - as she was fondly known, threw herself before the gunman in a bid to save the lives of other women present in the mosque to offer prayers, reported Newshub. 

Armstrong had converted to Islam two decades ago and had been with the Linwood Mosque for only two years. Edward Wadsworth, General Secretary of the Linwood Mosque said, "It did not matter who you were or what your background or beliefs or anything was. If you needed anything done she would find a way to do it."

Recalling how Armstrong helped several displaced people affected by wildfires in Nelson and Tasman District, New Zealand, Wadsworth said she drive a car load of essentials to help out. "Sister Linda always told me she had a peaceful time in Islam. She found true peace every brother sister was her family," Wadsworth added. 


Recounting her heroic action, fellow worshiper Imam Lateef Alabi, said, "On the day there were other ladies there and she was like that (moving from side to side) but she got shot at. She put her own body before them." While Armstrong's next door neighbour who has not yet come to terms with her death said, "From what I've heard she threw herself over somebody to protect them and that's when she got the bullet. That's her, that's her."

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