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Woman Runs Over And Kills Examiner While Taking Driving Test

A woman ran over and killed her driving instructor while taking her driving test in the Polish city of Rybnik on Monday.

An official statement from local police confirmed a 35-year-old examiner was run over by a 68-year-old woman while they were testing a series of manoeuvres.

The statement read:

On the maneuver square of the Rybnik branch of the Provincial Traffic Center there was a tragic incident. The car, driven by a 68-year-old woman who passed her driving test, knocked over a 35-year-old examiner. Unfortunately, the man died due to injuries.

The Rybnik investigators, under the supervision of the prosecutor, explain the reasons, course and circumstances of this tragic event.


Footage from TV reports showed the car being loaded onto a truck and being hauled away, with its front bumper and number plate hanging off.

Speaking with TVP Info, deputy police commissioner, Ryszard Czepczor, said:

A 68-year-old woman, in circumstances which are unknown at the present time, hit the examiner, who unfortunately as a result of his injuries died at the scene.

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