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Women Gets Life Imprisonment After Pet Parrot Reveals Something Terrifying About Her Husband’s Murder Case

When certain case reaches to the court, strong evidence is need to support each parties claim. Another thing that judges look at is the testimony of witnesses and their credibility to testify in such cases.

However, in the case of couple Martin and Glenna Durham, an unexpected witness emerged to reveal the truth about their mysterious accident.


The couple’s neighbour, Connie Ream said she heard several gunshots from the Durham’s home, at first she thought Martin was just hunting but after checking on them she was shocked to see the couple lying motionless on the floor.

Other witness also claims that the Durham’s house looks like it was “ransacked” since all the stuff where around the place. When authorities came, they found 5 gunshots on Martin’s body and Glenna with a self-inflicted shot on the head.

The police also saw a note on the crime scene addressed to the couple’s three children that says, “Please forgive me (you’re) one of the best things I ever did 0 Love, Mom.”

Martin was pronounced dead, but Glenna survived the incident but said that she could not remember anything from the tragic night.

But the case had an unexpected twist with Martin’s ex-wife, Christina Keller took Martin’s parrot pet from house where the incident happened. To her surprise, Christina heard the parrot named Bud mimicking Martin’s voice and repeatedly saying, “Do not shoot! Do not fu%$*ng shoot.”

In an interview, Christina suggests that Bud seems like imitating the heated argument between Martin and Glenna before the incident took place. She narrated, “I’m hearing two people in an intense argument. Two people that I know, voices that I recognize. It’s intense. When it happens, my house turns cold. Bud was there to see it all happen and heard it. It imprinted in his brain. He can’t let it go, and that’s awful.”

Later on, Glenna was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing Martin and was also charged with felony firearm.

Apparently, the couple had argument about gambling debts and unpaid bills before Glenna shot Martin and shooting herself on the head.

Watch the full report below:


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