Emotional Goodbye Letter From Nurse Who Died Attending Nipah Patients Will Leave You In Tears

Lini Sajeesh, was a dedicated nurse, that is all her colleagues - who still can't believe that she is no more - can recall about her. Lini breathed her last on Monday, days after being infected by Nipah, a deadly viral fever which has left parts of Northern Kerala terrorised

She contracted the deadly virus while attending two brothers, who later died of the illness, the first confirmed cases of fatalities in Kerala due to Nipah. Lini died in the EMS Memorial Cooperative hospital at Perambra, in the early hours of Monday, days after falling ill.

Even though it is yet to be confirmed that Lini died of Nipah, the family including her husband Sajeesh who flew down from Bahrain wasn't even allowed to see her body, one last time.

The body was cremated by the hospital itself to prevent the possible spread of the virus. Now, a letter of Lini has surfaced, leaving many in tears.

In what appears to be her goodbye letter, addressed to her husband Sajeesh, Lini asks for forgiveness for not being able to meet him one last time. She also asks her husband to take care of their two children.

"Sajeeshetta, am almost on the way. I don’t think I will be able to see you again. Sorry. Please take care of our children. Poor Kunju ( son), please take him to the Gulf with you. Don’t be alone like our father. Please. With lots of love…"

Lini, a contractual staff who had been working at the Perambra Taluk Hospital leaves behind her husband and two children, aged five and two.

Her two children, Rithul and Siddharth, who are used to not seeing their mother during the day when she is on night shift, are yet to realise that she won't come back from 'duty' again.

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Source: khaleejtimes

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