5 Latest Bathroom Gadgets you Required in your Bathroom

With the introduction of smart technology, we want to embed smart features at every corner of our home, whether it is bedroom or bathroom.Here, you will get the bathroom gadgets, you never thought you required in your bathroom to transform it into a smart bathroom.

1) Electric toothbrush:To get start, first thing you can get is an electric toothbrush as you can get it easily. They are common now.Toothbrush is available with rechargeable batteries to avoid replacing batteries again and again.

2) Waterproof Speakers: It's an amazing idea if you are bathroom singer as bathroom is the most comfortable place where you can sing and enjoy without any restriction. Waterproof speakers are available that is well designed to keep you away from getting shock and deal with other hazards also.Bluetooth speakers are great option and you don’t have to worry about wires hanging all over and water being splashed.


3) Motion activated soap dispenser: If you are too lazy to take bath, then making your bathroom a fantastic place is a great idea to get start. Go for something as simple ass soap dispenser.A motion activated dispenser will minimize the spread of germs as the chances to touch the dispenser is reduced.

4) Philips Sonicare HX8211/02 Airfloss: 

Flossing is good option to maintain your oral health. But some time it's tedious to do. With Philips, flossing becomes easy and entertaining. It’s faster and less tedious as it make use of water instead of string. All you have to do is fill the electric floss with water or mouthwash and keep in between your teeth and activate it to clean the entire deposits inside teeth.

5) Hands-free blow-dryer mount: Yes, you read that right. It is very tiring to hold the dryer and look into the mirror.So, buying a mount and placing it anywhere you want is a good idea to go for. So, get rid of cramping arm. You can stick the dryer to the mirror also.

Use these latest gadgets in your bathroom and enjoy  your passion and fun of bathing.

Author: nisha   

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