Bad night sleep? These are the reasons Brits aren't getting enough shut-eye

ALMOST half of Britons regularly fail to get enough sleep because of their partner’s annoying bedtime habits, according to new research. Bedroom battles include struggling to get enough of the duvet, having a partner who snores too loudly and not being able to settle on a perfect temperature.


Trying to fit in with a partner’s sleeping habits means a quarter of us say we even have to go to bed earlier than they would like to help avoid conflict later.

The new study of 2,000 adults, by home furnishing retailer IKEA, revealed 45 per cent of us endure sleepless nights to allow our partners to be comfortable.

Some 55 per cent of us say we cannot get comfortable, with four in ten being either too hot or cold (39 per cent) and 21 per cent being kept awake by loud snoring.

In addition, one in ten said they were woken because the covers were stolen (10 per cent).

To try to accommodate our partner, we make a number of compromises.

A quarter of us will try to take up as little room as possible in bed to give our other half more space (23 per cent).

Meanwhile, 17 per cent say they will remain too hot or cold if their partner is happy with the temperature.

The study found women were the most likely to give in and find somewhere else to sleep if they cannot get comfortable (52 per cent).

Factsabout sleep

Despite our best efforts, the poll found Britons are still missing out on an average of one hour of shut eye every night.

To tackle the problem, IKEA is now launching its TOG-ether bundle - which is inspired by Swedish sleeping traditions, with two single duvets replacing a double.

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