Know what happens if you do not shower for two days

Majority of us know the significance of taking bath regularly. It keeps body clean and help to get rid of all dead skin and bacteria, keeping body fresh and odor- free.But due to day to day busy life, we usually skip showering to reach work early. In this blog, you will get to know what happens if you skip showering continuously for the two days.


1. Importance of showering

Most of the people love to take shower, while some find it too lazy to get shower. They usually make excuses as, they don’t have much time for that. Most people use different forms of deodorant to mask the effects of odour coming out from their body.

Showering not only helps to clean the body, but it also provides a relaxing experience to the body.Taking bath rejuvenates the mind and body and keep germs at bay. Shower help to get rid from the infectious bacteria that causes that foul body smell. Also, keeping yourself clean and maintaining a good personal hygiene really  represent a high-regard personality. Lot of people get attracted towards you due to your good hygiene.

The results of not showering for two days

What happens when we don’t shower continuously for two days?

When we take shower, we usually clean our body to get rid of harmful germs we gather from morning to night. And if we don’t take shower these harmful bacteria can make us fall sick. These bacteria are enough to cause skin infections and make you fell ill, upsetting the count of good bacteria. The growth of bacteria creates a foul smell which will obviously keep people away from you.The hair becomes an oil slick if you don’t take shower regularly. You can also get affected by the fungal diseases and get brown patches all over the body. Your skin condition get worse as, acne and pimples start showing up on your face. So, it's better to take regular shower and keep yourself away from adverse effects of bacteria and fungi.

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