Strangers Fear Baby’s Skin Condition – Mom Teaches Them A Lesson With ‘Simple’ Solution

For expectant parents, all they want is that their newborn children be born healthy.

Giving birth is always a stressful and fraught time. Once the actual birth goes well, we are prone to worrying about the safety and health of our children as well. Still, another aspect of raising children is making sure they fit into the world around them as well and that they are accepted by others.


That was the challenge for new mother Ashley Nagy and her daughter Charlie.

Little Charlie was diagnosed with infant psoriasis when she was two months old.

For those who are unfamiliar, psoriasis is a skin condition which causes dry, itchy and flaky skin. It is an autoimmune disorder which leads to the skin making more cells than are necessary. According to the family’s GoFundMe page for Charlie’s medical expenses, professionals at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital said that Charlie’s case was the most severe case of infant psoriasis they had ever seen.

Still, Nagy did everything she could to manage her daughter’s symptoms.

For starters, Nagy eliminated gluten and dairy from their diet to help ease her condition.

Although Nagy’s efforts are helpful in managing Charlie’s symptoms, the family has faced another unusual problem when taking Charlie out into the world. When strangers see Charlie’s condition, they wonder about the safety of their own children because they don’t have enough information about Charlie’s condition.

To help her daughter and others feel more comfortable with the situation, Nagy came up with a simple social solution.

Whenever they are out in public together, Nagy makes sure to shower Charlie with affection.

Rather than keep Charlie covered up or hiding her skin, Nagy makes sure that everyone in the area can see that she loves her daughter and that she’s not contagious. Their story was even featured on Inside Edition where Nagy had many positive things to say:

“I want people to see that even though she has psoriasis, they don’t need to be afraid to touch and love her. I hope they see she’s not contagious and are more compassionate. She’s bubbly, funny, very sweet and at times she’s freaking hilarious.”

Above all, Nagy and Charlie’s story is a reminder of the difficulties of raising a child—and of how powerful a mother’s love can be.

Although Nagy and her family are doing everything they can for their daughter, they still struggle to pay the ongoing medical bills which are only partially covered by insurance. For anyone who was moved by this story, please consider donating to the family’s GoFundMe to help with these expenses.

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