These 10 Dangerous Habits Damage Your Kidneys Every Day

Our kidneys are extremely important for our health. They are shaped like a bean. They can filter even 120-150 quarts of waste, excess of fluids or urine each day and in that way, protect us and our health.


Their size is similar to a fist. Our kidneys are located below our rib cage on every side of our body. They are also responsible for the regulation of electrolytes in our body, but they also create the hormones responsible for our red blood cells, our bone health as well as our pressure.

People claim that they didn’t even feel when their kidneys were damaged. This type of health problem often goes unnoticed. Here, we’re presenting you 10 of the worst habits that can damage our kidneys!

Take a look at the video we’ve prepared for you. Dr. Axe will show you how to cleanse your kidneys and improve their work!

1. Too much alcohol– you’ll damage your liver and your kidneys if you drink more than 1 drink every day.

2. Holding urine– if you do this often, you’ll create pressure on your kidneys, but also cause failure and kidney stones.

3. Lack of water– if we don’t intake plenty of water, we’ll be full of toxins that can’t just disappear. We need to flush them out.

4. Excess sugar– according to experts, people who drink more than 2 sodas every day have kidneys that work very bad as well as increased urine proteins.

5. Excess salt– too much salt causes hypertension, increased pressure and kidney damage.

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